Monday, August 1, 2011

I LOVE Pinterest!

(ETA-Since I can't get into my classroom yet, don't have any of my craft supplies because they are all boxed up and my school laptop is still with the technology department, I am limited on what to post!)

Just like I have jumped on the blogging bandwagon, I have also jumped on the pinterest bandwagon. By now I am sure ALL of you know what pinterest is. I can't believe that I did not discover this before! I have found so many awesome ideas to use in the classroom. Not to mention the things I've seen for my house, kids, etc. And of course I've seen a thousand ideas for Kindergarten now that I'm not teaching it anymore; I'll have to pass them on to my K friends...

Pin It

If you haven't created an account on, do it NOW! If you need an invite, just let me know! Check out my pins by clicking on the pinterest link on the right side of my page.

The great thing about pinterest is it always takes you back to the original page. So if you "pin" a picture of a how to project and they give you directions on how to do the project, you will be taken back to the original webpage with all of the directions. So I can pin away on all of these really neat things and don't have to worry about where they all came from, what they mean or how to use them.
Here are some of the awesome things I've found on Pinterest....

What a neat chair for your star student!!!

An awesome clip chart for a Rock Star Themed classroom.

My first year of teaching I had a Tattling Plant.  I told the children to talk to the plant if they had a minor complaint.  I love the idea of the turtle; I can't hurt it when I forget to water!

A great visual for Writer's Workshop

Using wordle for a class list...  Cute!

I REALLY want to do this but am very unartistic...  But it's worth a try! 

(I know this last one isn't school related, but I love it!)

So tell me...  Who's pinning out there?  Any really awesome pins you've found and would like to share?  Let me know your pinterest username so I can follow YOU!


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