Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pinterest Linky Party

How perfect!  My first linky party to support my new obsession!  Between reading blogs and looking for new pins, I could be on my laptop every minute my kids are asleep!  (And sometimes when they are awake - if they let me!)

Remember, all you have to do is click on the "Follow me on Pinterest" red button to the right to see what I am pinning.  I am NOT as organized as other pinners out there; I have all of my school ideas on one board.  That would be a good rainy day or snow day project to sort them into more refined categories.

Check out Michelle's Math in the Middle to see who has linked up to share this new pinterest obsession!  Meanwhile I am dragging my kids with me to my school to check on the status of my classroom.  As of now we are not allowed in our classrooms until 8/22.  I am on vacation starting 8/21 for a week and school starts 9/6.  To say that I am stressed to max does not even begin to explain it!  I am praying that my floors are either complete or not started so that I can unpack at least a few of my 81  boxes that are waiting in the hallway for me!

Leave me a comment with your pinterest username so that I can follow you!

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