Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finally in my Classroom!

First, I have to apologize for being MIA.  It's been a busy few weeks in our household.  Let me take you back a few weeks...

I am moving schools.  Originally I was not allowed in my classroom until August 22nd.  Which was fine, except we were leaving for the Outer Banks on August 21st for a week.  We would arrive home on the 28th and I would have one week to prepare for my classroom because we start after Labor Day.  Right?  No.  I wouldn't get a week because my husband is having back surgery on September 1st.  So I would have 3 days to unpack my boxes and set up my new classroom.  Stressed doesn't even begin to explain how I was feeling... 

I snuck into my classroom one morning with my boys before we went to the library.  I wanted to see what my new room looked like so I could begin a mental set up.
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I continually called my principal every day to see if the floors were clean yet!  She knew my situation and, while calling me Nervous Nellie, told me to check back often.  The Thursday before we left for vacation I called her at 8:05.  The floors were supposed to be cleaned the night before - and they weren't!  I was disappointed and began doing laudry in preparation for vacation.  She called back at 8:30 and gave me the great news that I could come in!  I waited for my husband to get done physical therapy and the 4 of us went into school.  That day I managed to get almost all of my boxes unpacked and into their new homes.
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I went back on Friday morning with my mom in tow.  We managed to get the rest of the boxes put away.  More furniture was delivered and I tried to set it all up.  Unfortunately there was an extra teacher desk as well as a pallet full of boxes NOT meant for me that were taking up room.  At least I was able to get everything somewhat organized before I left for vacation.
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Fast forward to Sunday morning.  EARLY.  We left for the Outer Banks!  Finally!  We've been waiting a long time for this vacation with friends.  6 hours later we arrived and begin enjoying ourselves.  The fun didn't stop when I felt the earthquake while sitting on the beach Tuesday afternoon.  But then it did when we got our mandatory evacuation notice on Thursday morning thanks to Hurricane Irene.  Our vacation got cut short by 3 1/2 days!  Major Bummer!!!  Here's a snapshot of my family on the beach one evening hunting for ghost crabs...

I did go into my classroom for a few hours on Friday afternoon. It actually made everything worse for me.  I was exhausted from driving (actually riding) until 2 AM, going to bed around 3:30, getting up with the kids at 7:00 and then unpacking everything.  Looking at all the work to be done just made me feel overwhelmed but I still managed to stay until they kicked us out.  Hopefully I'll be refreshed on Monday morning - if school has electricity and is open!

So here I am, all cozied up at home, waiting out the hurricane.  The rain is starting to come down harder and the winds are picking up.  My poor husband is now outside trying to fix the areas where the rain is coming into the basement.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the kids stay asleep and that we don't lose power.  And praying for the safety of all my friends and loved ones.

How is your school year going?  Any funny stories to share about your new students yet?  Please share; I need some good things to look forward to!  :)

(BTW, my VistaPrint order came in!  I was so excited to see that box this morning!!!  :) It's the little things that make us happy...)