Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Packing up my first "home"

After teaching Kindergarten for seven years, I was told that I had to move to 2nd grade. To say that I was shocked was an understatement. I had gotten my first job at MCS right after graduating from college. I have learned so much from my school family and they have been a part of NUMEROUS life changing events - from my engagement, to marriage, to the birth of my two children, to the passing of my father. I am going to miss everyone and everything about Kindergarten, but am trying to stay positive about this next step in my life.

Not only am I changing grades, but I am also changing buildings within my school district. I had to box up 7 years worth of treasures that I have collected, purchased and created. It is a lot!

I counted 81 boxes. 81 boxes are going with me to my new school. That is not including the things I gave away, took home or recycled.

I am also taking some of my shelving and tables with me. The wonderful maintenance crew that we have will be moving all of my things in August. I am anxiously awaiting the boxes getting into my new classroom so that I can unpack them all!!!

Have I mentioned that I am going to miss Kindergarten? The children, the staff, my coworkers, MY HUGE CLASSROOM and most of all my BFF whom I've taught with for 7 years.......

Second Grade Here I Come!


  1. I admire your positive attitude about your big change! :)

  2. Thanks Brittney! I am thankful to have a job. :)

  3. You're in my prayers as you move to Second. As a teacher with experience in both places, I think you will love, love, love Second Grade! I do! I've taught both and you'll be amazed at how much Second Graders know. You'll be able to use lots of what you learned in Kindergarten with your struggling readers, too. Let your new children show you what they can do...they'll be thrilled to do so! ;) God bless you!

    Melly <><

    Second Grade Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

  4. Thank you Melly! Everyone says that I am going to love 2nd grade; I hope all of you are right! Change is hard but it's a part of life. Thank you again...

  5. Hi.
    I am actually moving to second this year after 5 years in Kindergarten. I had to pack up my room today.You do not realize how much stuff you acumulate. I am very nervous about second!!!

  6. Hi Dina,
    Good luck! We will be going through this together! :)

  7. Sheena,
    Of course I'm biased, but I am sure you will come to LOVE 2nd grade! They will be so much more independent and able to do things on their own, I'm sure you'll do awesome at it! :) Good luck!!

  8. Thank you Mrs. L! Everyone has such encouraging words to say! :) I hope they are all true!!!!

  9. Seven years is a huge achievement for a teacher. No wonder you collected worth of 81 boxes of treasures! Packing is a difficult task for many and I can just imagine the stress it caused you. I’m just glad that you packed everything and got quite ready for the move. Anyway, teaching 2nd grades is another adventure for you, and I hope until now, you’re having a great time collecting new memories and treasures to keep. :-)

    Clay Delgado